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Liechtenstein Life is the innovative pension specialist from Liechtenstein. As a reliable partner, it puts people's interests first and secures its customers’ existential needs. With innovative business strategies, digital processes and a rich tradition of values, Liechtenstein Life develops product solutions and services for customers and business partners.


prosperity brokershome stands for successful broker acquisition and best-in-class broker management with the help of its digital service platform. It offers sales partners direct access to products and services of the prosperity group of companies, as well as technological interfaces for connecting third-party providers. On top of sales support services, the platform’s services also include detailed data analyses for Liechtenstein Life contracts, cashyou and the prosperity end customer app.


prosperity solutions offers end customers the experience of having their own prosperity at hand in their pocket at all times. Prosperity app users receive a daily updated overview of the development of their assets and, in this way, have maximum transparency and clarity for their asset management. In addition, customers can easily manage all their insurance and pension plan products digitally and contact their insurance broker or customer service directly.


cashyou is the factoring service provider under the umbrella of the Group. Together with selected banking partners, cashyou finances compensation agreements between insurance brokers and end customers. Thanks to the highly efficient and timely processing of financing requests, cashyou enables the greatest possible security for insurance brokers of net policies and simultaneously ensures more transparency in the insurance industry. 



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